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Enterprise Virtual Assistant for Every Employee

Kora is your buddy at the workplace taking care of your
day-to-day enterprise chores.

Manage Enterprise Knowledge Repository Scientifically and Retrieve Information Conversationally

Do you have a personal enterprise knowledge repository? How do you access your enterprise/team knowledge base? Do...

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You Deserve Better! Can’t Hire a Personal Assistant? Instead, Get Kora to Manage Your Meetings

AI-powered Enterprise Virtual Assistant Helps Employees Optimize Productivity in These Troubled Times

In this age of...

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Kora Represents the Pinnacle of Contemporary UX You Can Easily Access

Hasn’t it startled you: on an average day you might actually be interacting with your electronic gadgets more than...

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UI Innovation: Tracing its Journey From First Computers to Virtual Assistants

Do you recall Tony Stark from the Marvel series? As Iron Man, Tony uses his Mark III suit to save mankind. On a...

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How Kora Helps You Tide Over COVID-19 Crisis

As the planet struggles to contain the pandemic outburst of a deadly virus called COVID-19, enterprises are having...

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